Artistic development is entirely holistic. It’s an aggregate process gleaned from a spectrum of distinct but interrelated inputs. Many of these inputs spring from the artist’s lived experience — family history, friendships, love and heartbreak, emotional development. Inner-machinations like these then contend with explorations in technique.

Today on 360 connect, we dive into the journey of an enterprise young man who combines his love for painting with serving his country has a fire service officer.

1.Who are you?

I’m Michael Amartey, a young professional artist, who loves painting and working on piece to make art. I got involved in art when I was in primary 5, a basic school located in Tema Newtown, called Manhean Junior High school. I later moved on to Koforidua Secondary school where I studied Visual Arts. Then I joined the Fire Service Of Ghana.

Over few years, I have had numerous recognitions and recommendations for my relentless efforts in Arts.

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2. Why arts while enjoying in your field of work as a fire service officer?

My love for arts can’t be compared to any other profession, I see everything in this world to be Art. As fire fighter, you need to picture every case in art form before taking action.

3. What motivates you to do arts?

What motivates me, is how beautiful the world was created by God. I have said to myself that, I am not giving up in my art world until Jesus Christ comes.

4. You recently opened an arts and portrait painting shop , what inspired that move?

Tema has developed very well and looking around, it’s only few places that you can see such works. I decided to open this art workshop “Mos Cyti Antiques Arts Gallery” to also inspire and train younger generations.

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Michael Training Young Ones

5. How are you combining both profession (the artist / painter and service work ) ?

It’s hasn’t been easy but thanks be to God for his wisdom and knowledge. I always work with both without any issues.

6. Your advice to young Artist / painters out there.

The journey is not easy, never look back. Keep working hard and stay focused. Make Jesus your ultimate person and you shall surely be a victor one day.

Michael also revealed working on a portrait canvas picture art and presented to Ghana’s dancehall giant Shatta Wale, His Excellency Mahamudu Bawumia (the vice president of Ghana) and other notable personalities in society.

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Pencil Art of Mahamudu Bawumia (Vice President Of Ghana)
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Cyti Antiques & Mahamudu Bawumia
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Shatta Wale & Stonebwoy