A Bus Ride; CHRONICles Of Shatta Wale And Giovani Caleb On 3fmDrive

On sunny Tuesday Afternoon with my radio set locked on the 3fm Drive hosted by Award winning radio host Giovani Caleb on the airwaves of 3fm 92.7 , enjoying a smooth ride with poised music from DJ Faculty, then came in Ghana’s Dancehall giant Charles Nii Armah Mensah popularly known as Shatta Wale.

Currently out with an Album titled “Wonder Boy” , the jovial but serious at business Shatta Wale went straight into the answering of questions asked by Giovani Caleb the business of the day.

With both Addressing issues in a more playful manner , Shatta Wale touched on the reasons for his act and described it as a movie with titles Shatta Wale part 1,2,3 ,4 and countless, he laughed out loud.

“Truth be told I am real , putting up such acts for me, affects the lives of my fans positively and When I put up beef acts I usually don’t expect my colleagues in the music industry to take it personal yet they do and end up attacking my fans”. Shatta Wale Voiced out.

For about ten minutes, my bus ride with this two hilarious gentlemen was full of exciting conversation on how the “Wonder Boy” album is doing on the music market globally after a successful launch event which served as a birthday gift for the Shatta Movement Fans.

Receiving positive feedbacks and tweets from fans gives me great joy and gradually each song is beginning to fall on the heart of my fans. The Album is a GOSPEL Album you known , Shatta Wale tells Giovani Caleb displaying all seriousness.

Indicating most of his recorded songs not making it for the “Wonder Boy” Album Giovani Caleb and Shatta Wale cracked listeners up with jokes of the unselected  songs chasing Shatta Wale up and down , even in bed to be released.

The bus ride with these two finally touched down on artists respecting their fans , for the fans can make and unmake an artist.

“I believe they are the reason why we survive in this industry, more reason why I make sure I pay my dues anytime I hit the streets of Accra.Without them attending our shows we won’t get paid”, Giovani Abi You dey Understand Shatta Wale explained saluting his Shatta Movement Fans in pidgin English.

Wrapping up on what I describe as a realest conversation , the chit chat couldn’t have ended without Giovani Caleb asking few questions about lion king Album feature , the impact and its recent BET awards nomination. A tease at Bola Ray’s Big Head and making fun of callers who couldn’t mention words correctly live on radio , Shatta Wale used the opportunity to announce is readiness for concerts and other great projects queued for this December.