Baka Dabri Talks About His Debut Project “Busangani Abrante3 EP”

Ghana’s finest Afro Culture artist Baka Dabri has released his debut music project titled ‘Busangani Abrante3 EP’ under the management of Busanga Music.

The EP is an anthology of songs that reflect the brand and artistry of Baka Dabri fused with Busanga culture.

Championing the wave of a new movement, “Busanga music”  Baka Dabri speaking in a brief meeting with the press said, he is unique, he owns his style and wants to be seen as different from all artists in Ghana in terms of the type of music he produces.



According to him, his music style is unique and he looks forward to win the Grammy’s in the nearest future.

Baka Dabri, though unsung as compared to some of the notable names in the Ghanaian music industry is gradually gaining very encouraging recognition having had the rare privilege of performing on some stages.

Releasing “Magajiya” off the culturally vibe “Busangani Abrante3 Ep”, Baka Dabri said he is poised to take his music and the Ghanaian Afro culture to the world.

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