The best way to stop thieves in their tracks is to buy a suitcase lock, and we’ve rounded up the best of the bunch according to happy campers and travellers of all kinds.

Undoubtedly the best suitcase locks to go for are those that are TSA-approved. These are typically combination locks that come with the added bonus of a keyhole, only unlockable by TSA agent keys, meaning that if your bag is pulled aside for examination, they don’t have to bash it open, breaking the lock and exposing your intimates to the world.

As such, all of our picks are TSA-approved, so after that, you only have to worry about the finer details – that is to say, what kind of lock you should go for.

If you’re one of those people who uses the same password for everything and you’re not sure you can be trusted to remember a combination, you can go for a good old fashioned lock and key and still have the added peace of mind of TSA compliance.

These feature a keyhole that can only be unlocked by your key and that of the agent. But, if you fancy yourself a bit of a spy type, you can go one step further with a keycard lock, an unassuming padlock opened by an equally unassuming card you can stow in your wallet.

Finally, there are cable locks, and we don’t want to be dramatic, but if you’re travelling with just a backpack, or your backpack and that of your favourite travelling companion, you won’t want to be without one.  Using a one- or two-way cable lock, you can lash bags to a static object and together at the same time.