Copyright Law And Managing Audio Visual Rights – Diana Hopeson Successfully Holds Music Seminar


The exclusive and assignable legal right, given to the originator for a fixed number of years, to print, publish, perform, film, or record literary, artistic, or musical material, “Copyright” as been neglected by creative arts practitioners for many years in Ghana.


For reasons unknown, one would ask if a proper education on one’s right to a song , a creative piece or an intellectual property as been vividly done by the respective office.


Touching on the topic “What Ghanaian Creative persons should know about the Ghana Copyright law And Managing your Audio Visual Rights” on the DH Golden Music Seminar hosted by the 2nd Deputy Chairwoman Of GHAMRO Mrs Diana Hopeson on Tuesday 19th January, 2021 via a zoom meeting had the senior state Attorney of the Copyright society Ms. Dorothy Habadah outlining the copyright law in Ghana.

She revealed copyright is automatic once a creative piece is develop by a person (artist, film maker, song writer etc) yet it is important to register creative works for authentication purposes, She added.

Stressing on the need for every creative person to register his or her creative works, she disclosed the song writer , sound engineer, beat producer, the performer or artist are all entitled to a project the all worked on. However, the sharing of proceeds or royalties from such work is determined by the agreement signed by all stakeholders.

She went on to advice participants to understand the law of copyright and to practice the habit of agreement signing to avoid unforseen Copyright infringements and on the need of licensing their works.

Her presentation also brought to book that , works registered abroad ought to be registered in Ghana within 3 months of release.

“Online promoters or media person do not have the right to post or load creative works of people on their platforms without any formal discussion”. She cautioned, answering a question by a participant.

Explaining her statement, Madam Dorothy made it known that, it’s only right for a promoter or an online media brand to share or promote the links of creative people from their respective online streaming platforms or source.

The online seminar focused on educating industry players also had Ms. Olubukola, affectionately called Bukky, Acting General Manager of the Audio Visual Rights Society of Nigeria talking on “Audio Visual Rights”.

Ms. Bukky outdoors that, “the rights belongs to the script writer, Director, Lead Actors and Producers yet Nigeria, has a peculiar case because you may get a work that has one man playing all the above roles.

She did mention some challenges of the Audio visual Collective Management Organization ( CMO) being creators signing off their rights, not knowing time elapse for contracts and urged right owners to transfer their rights to CMOS who can better administer their rights.

She revealed that religious broadcasts like preaching does not fall under audio visual work in Nigeria nevertheless, music right owners belong to the audio visual rights society for their music videos.

Wrapping up the 1hour 30minutes seminar which started at 9am, The host, Mrs Diana Hopeson acknowledged all participants for attending the seminar and added that it’s always ideal for creative persons to join or register with a publishing company.

She went on to ask creative persons to register with GhMusic Publishing a brand owned by her.

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