Our Charges Will Go Up After Covid-19 – Benjamin Leader Of Nana Tafirigya Pallbearers.

In Africa the dead is cherished and given a befitting burial to usher you into the next phase of life,Whether rich or poor your exit from this earth comes in all forms and styles.In Ghana pallbearers are revered for their duties during funeral rites of influential people in society. Taking the world by storm Nana Tafirigya Pallbearers in recent times has earned headlines on various news platforms including BBC.

Exercising adroit skills in what they do, these Pallbearers are lifting the mood at funerals in Ghana with flamboyant coffin-carrying dance forms causing families to increasingly pay for their services in sending their loved ones off in Grand style.

The founder and leader of this group Benjamin in a phone interview with Giovani Caleb on the 3fmDrive yesterday hinted that charges will shoot up after coronavirus.

The group’s rate card varying from all black to all white is differentiated with the choice of attire to be worn for the occasion.

Benjamin, in the interview, indicated that business is booming even in this trying times of coronavirus as they receive bookings every week.

The group, consisting of 100 members, with 5% of them being ladies, has its managerial headquarters in Kenya. And has partnerships with various mortuaries, transition homes and other funeral stakeholders across Africa. Asked again whether there is any spiritual exercise the group embarks on before any task or assignment,he denied saying they don’t do anything besides Praying

With the team currently charging a whopping sum of 3,000 dollars for an all-white service which includes travel and accommodation expenditure within Ghana and Africa, Benjamin revealed, he has received numerous calls from various countries to inquire about their rate.