Stop Prophesying Election Victory – Apostle General Cautions

Founder and Apostle General of Royalhouse Chapel International, Most Rev. Sam Korankye Ankrah, has chided pastors and prophets who go about prophesying victory for political candidates.

According to him, engaging in active politics as some men of God are doing, has a high tendency to bring division and chaos not only in the church but in the country at large.

Speaking to his congregation ahead of the 2020 general elections Rev. Sam Korankye Ankrah said, “The reason why I don’t engage in active politics is because of the people I pastor, my congregation. Why will I stand and prophesy that a particular political party or presidential candidate will win when I am pastoring a diverse congregation of people who belong to both divides and my prophesy has the tendency to divide and create confusion in the church.”

He indicated that these pastors declaring political victory for particular candidates are only actually declaring their preference and choice; adding that that was another form of political campaign calculated to influence the populace.

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“The most wicked aspect of the prophesies going around is that there are prophesies that candidate A will win and others that say candidate B will win, so it means that God is giving two kinds of prophesies, implying that God is a confused God,” he added.

What was even more serious, he stated, is when prophecies claim some political candidates will win or lose because of rigging. “So, they say Party A will win, if not then there is rigging,” he added.

He said such pronouncements have the tendency to bring chaos in the election because, “If I am a candidate and you prophesy that I will win but there will be rigging and I don’t win then it means there is rigging. So, I will let my supporters bring chaos.”

“So, these prophesies are recipes for blood-shed and we must not be laughing and hailing them as they are irresponsible and a recipe for chaos and division,” he added.

He said the pastors should rather preach peace and unity into the elections and therefore charged his congregation to be agents of peace as they go into the general elections.

He admonished Ghanaians to be led by the Holy Spirit and their conscience in voting. He also advised presidential candidates that in the event of winning they must understand and know that they won because God, by His sovereignty, had chosen them and because the electorate received their message and not because of any prophecies.

He cautioned the losers to desist from making utterances that would incite people to take up arms.

He finally admonished the media to be responsible in their reportage and the youth to place the nation and their future above partisan politics. He also prayed for peace during and after the elections in the nation.