The Dead And Not Ready To Resurrect Movie Industry In Ghana – Movie Maths 101 Review

The days of the road to kukurantumi , Altimate paradise, heritage Africa, Sargent lasisi , Sika Sumsum, the Ghama films , when cinemas where all over the country.

Suddenly the movie industry in Ghana goes on Hibernation mode.

Many arguments as been raised against the movie industry in Ghana. Whether there’s one or not. The unconscious division of having a kumahood and a Ghallyhood industry running at the same time, Perhaps contributing to the fall of the industry. Hence dividing the interest of consumers and investors.

The constant attacks on who is actually doing well in this sector and so on and so forth as brought the industry to a stand still. With every government promising to improve the movie sector, yet failing to achieve its goals, who is to be blamed for these mishapping.

The Producers , The Directors , The Casts , The Television platforms, The Government or The consumers?.

At a blind side , the current nature of the movie industry is partially dead as a result of not having a structure that actually links the above stakeholders. Funny enough , you see individuals trying so hard to achieve but ending up in failure. What happened to the practice of of collective efforts ?

“I guess shared profits ends up in an unknown bank account”.

Clearly, the recent fiasco between Actor Kofi Adjorlolo and Ola Micheal affirms the notion of poor structures in the said industry. Monies are not being paid by directors or producers and Actors / Actresses also do not leave up to the task at hand.

Is it that such deals are not binded by law or it’s a practice which suits involving parties to avoid delays in production.

Ah well!

The act of unprofessionalism as retarded the movie industry to lose its beauty to a one man profit sector. Creativity is rare in our movies, with movie directors rampantly dishing out a display of comic and sex scenes for consumers depending on the part of the the, the movie is coming from.

Lessons are hardly picked from the movies, rather leaves consumers with a western culture of fashion and lifestyle.

Touching down ,The movie industry needs to rise , it can only rise when all stakeholders enjoy and embrace unity. Then and then will it flourish , then standards of movies will improve , then government and other investors will have the delight to throw huge weights of money in to production , advertising and infrastructure.