Many Ghanaians are out there putting in work and getting recognized for it.

With his swearing-in, Ebo Entsuah qualifies as one of these Ghanaians as he became the youngest ever Council Seat member for Clermont in the city of Florida.

Ebo had gone into an election back in November but had to go through a run-off when none of the candidates secured more than 50% votes required.

However, Ebo put in the work and got his fellow city folks to elect him to the Council seat of their city.

Ebo, a former member of the 2013 FSU championship football team and one-time aide to then-U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis, has both Ghanaian parents. Though he was born in Canada. He then moved to the United States in his early age where he attended school.

Educational Background
Ebo Entsuah is a proud product of the Lake County education system and State University System of Florida. After graduating East Ridge High School, Entsuah attended Florida State University on an academic scholarship, to later play on the Seminole Football team with National Championship winners in 2014.


Ebo works as a policy principal for a Clean Energy Trade Association.


He speaks English, Twi and Spanish.